Samosas in Little India

In Hawker, Indian on June 2, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Possibly one of the best samosas in the island

There are a few samosa stalls in Little India. The one frequented by A Herbivore in Penang is at the corner of King St & Market St.

A very friendly Uncle Wahab takes your orders while his two assistant fries up an assortment of Indian snacks. Indian cakes and sweets are available as well. Mostly vegetarian. Samosas are fried in small batches to keep them piping hot and crunchy. Uncle Wahab caters for parties and office events too.


Address : Corner of King St & Market St (Lebuh King & Lebuh Pasar)

Phone : (016)487-5004 (Wahab)

Hours: Afternoons-7pm

Close on the last Tuesday of the month

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1. Cokeworld Citizen

  1. Have you tried the Indian buffet by Annalakshmi at Babington avenue before? I found this Indian food quite delicious during my visit!

    Ananda Bahwan is also not bad for Indian delights!

    • haha yes! I frequent there quite often. Glad you enjoyed your meal there and at Ananda Bahwan.

      Future posts will cover these two places too! Wow so many things to eat!!

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