Ee Beng (Restaurant)

In Chinese on June 16, 2011 at 6:37 pm

The last time A Herbivore in Penang visited Ee Beng, we were overwhelmed by the choices they had on their menu. Miraculously, with this recent visit, they’ve revamped their menu and added more items! There’s a steamboat dish for two, sandwiches and following the trend of the Hong Kong styled cafes (still?), a few varieties of cheese baked rice.

They also have a buffet lunch on weekdays from 12pm – 4pm. Buffet spread are items picked by the customer off their menu.

Food pictures:

1. Money Bags

2. Fried Chicken

3. Hunan Fish rice set


Ee Beng Vegetarian Food Center

Address: 20 Lebuh Dickens,

Georgetown Penang 10050

Phone: (04)262-9161

Website: Ee Beng Vegetarian Food Center

Hours: 12.00pm – 10.00pm

Closed on Thursdays

Other reviews:

1. Hungy Ang Mo

2. Kwong Wah  (Mandarin)

3. Mont-licious

  1. The food looks great! Sigh I sure do miss this place. And I have to admit, I did shed a little tear when you didn’t review the lamb!

    Good job on the facebook, hopefully you can spead the word of your blog to many many people! But I think you need a more glamorous display picture for your facebook! haha.


    • lol…I’m working on it! I had to put a picture up…but I am in search of another…guess it’s too moody. Wouldn’t want the page to have a tortured artist vibe.

      I knew you’ll mention the lamb but I did promise…in the future…I got side tracked..:( hahaha

      Thanks so much Lukester!

  2. Yes, Ee Beng is my Favourite when I spent 7 days in Penang in June 2004.

    You can view my comment at HappyCow via …

    Stanley Sng

    • Hey Stanley,

      Wow you must’ve really enjoyed this place. The owner is a friendly uncle.
      Prepare yourself for a feast, they’re now two different dining areas…and the one here is the restaurant styled edition.

      Great review on Happy Cow.

      Come back soon!

  3. I actually spotted this shop… just didn’t have the thought of walking.. but glad you shared. :)

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