In Fruits on June 17, 2011 at 6:40 pm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…not Christmas but DURIAN SEASON!!!

With modernity favoring convenience, as a standard practice, durians are still sold by the side of a road but stored in plastic containers upon purchase.

A Herbivore in Penang is not able to

  • recommend stalls
  • pick fresh durians
  • open fresh durians

The above activities are left for the durian whisperers in our lives but we know a good one when we eat it!!!

“Musang King aka Nasi Kunyit”

“Khun Poh”

White flesh -name unknown. Taste – bitter sweet

Yellow flesh – name unknown. Taste – smooth and sweet


“Lin Fong Chou”


Best time: End of June till mid July

  1. Where to get the BEST Durian?

    I understand that in the morning along Balik Pulau where the small durian owners will display their durians along the road? Cheap and GOOD.

    How about in the city area? Along Jalan Burmah? I might decide to take an AirAsia trip up north to try most of the Vege Food that you are featuring and also DURIANS!

    • That’s a good question… good durians..well seeing that taste is subjective, in the town area, according to the durian whisperer, Anson Road and Perak Road (near a small temple). Both locales are near to each other with Padang Brown as a guide.
      Another place would be in the morning, in front of Kheng Pin coffee shop where the famous loh bak is located.

      As for cheap, well the best time to come is now till the next two weeks. The prices have dropped enough, to procure more durians!

      From experience, the best durians are from the small privately owned estate owners…we tend to stay away from the big wigs with heavy advertised banners “Best Durians in Penang” or “World Famous”.

      Unfortunately, we’ve never had good experiences on the stretch of road heading to Balik Pulau but then again it could be sheer luck and a matter of taste.

      Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope to be a helpful guide. We’re now on facebook as well…look us up…’A Herbivore in Penang”.

  2. I was looking forward to this review! Good job!

    I think my favourite type of durian is the ones that are slightly bitter, and have an alcoholic undertone/taste to them.

    Unfortunately in Singapore the really good ones are often quite expensive.

    How much do they cost in Penang?

    • Thanks Luke!
      You’re speaking like a durian connoisseur back there, haha…well done!

      Well durians have always been expensive, unless you have your own tree but the good ones always run above RM 30, roughly $13 on your end?

      Gotta say though, this little island has the best durians. I’m sure you’ve heard which type of durians to avoid. :)

  3. Makes me really regret not going to Penang during the durian season. Oh well, maybe next year! :(


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