EGC Green Cafe

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EGC Green Cafe is new to the vegetarian scene in Penang. The owner is a bike enthusiast, a believer in a healthy whole plant diet and green living. The food serve here is free from preservatives with an emphasis on less oil/salt/sugar aka the 3 deadly combo in the diet of an affluent society.

Auntie Mooi prepares the food daily. No left overs to ensure freshness and the nutrients in the food are in tact. Primarily a lacto-ovo vegetarian cafe with a few vegan items. They cater mostly to the breakfast and lunch crowd due to their hours. There is also a bike rental service, perfect for exploring the history rich enclaves of Georgetown.

The very innovative use of old bikes!

We started with the Thai salad and mushroom soup as we were a little early for lunch.

We ordered the set lunch that came with a choice of soup or vegetable curry. First set – sweet and sour bean patty, stir-fried fresh yuba with vegetables, deep-fried tofu, rice and vegetable curry.

Second set : Stir-fried green beans, stir-fried vegetables with glass noodles, spring roll, rice and vegetable soup.


EGC Green Cafe

 Address: 26, Green Hall

Jalan Syed Sheh Barakbah

10200 Penang

(Opp Dewan Sri Pinang Side door – same row with the food court)

Phone :(012) 487-7241 (Mooi)/ (04) 262-3821


Mon – Thu – 8.30am – 4.00pm

Fri – 8.30am – 2.30pm

Sat – 8.30pm-4.00pm

  1. It’s great to see that Penang is also starting to have healthy vegetarian places open up, they are also becoming very popular in Singapore too!

    The food looks great, I will definitely have this place on my list to go to, next time I visit Penang!

    Great review!


    • Thanks a bunch Luke! Always so generous with encouragement. :)

      There are more healthy vegetarian places…in due time, will try to review them all. :)

      Have a great week ahead. :)

  2. As a lonely and often hungry herbivore in KL, I wish we had a site like this for the Klang Valley… any plans to set up aherbivoreinKL? We have lots of veggie restaurants here, but many of them seem to be tucked away in residential areas, making them hard to find unless you’re part of some secret herbivore network.

    • Awww:( I hear ya…being a herbivore can get lonely and if you lived closer, you’re more than welcome to join us. Eating is more fun with kindred spirited herbivores.
      Unfortunately there are no plans for another site. But never say never, if one of us transfers to KL then there will be a huge possibility. But for now, just Penang.

      It’s the same here, the better ones are hidden from the main path.
      Hope you’ll find yourself in Penang soon and use us as your wiki for good eats. :)
      If you’re a durian fan, the best time to come is now.

      We’re on facebook as well…look us up and get instant updates.

  3. Thanks. I’ll definitely keep you guys in mind next time I’m in Penang.

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