Sri Ananda Bahwan (Pure Vegetarian)

In Indian on July 4, 2011 at 6:21 pm

This particular outlet offers purely vegetarian items. They have a full menu, ranging from one plate meals to banana leaf rice. They also have many kinds of desserts.

It was tea time for the triumvirate, so light items were deemed appropriate with a promise to return for a full meal in the future.

Roti paratha & iced lemon tea

Roti paratha


Pulut kacau

Teh limau panas

Other visits:

Yellow lentils snack

Teh tarik


Sri Ananda Bahwan (Pure Vegetarian)

Address: 66 Penang Street, Georgetown, Penang

Phone: (04) 263-3841

(016) 524-5819

Website: Sri Ananda Bahwan (Pure Veg)

Hours: 7am-11pm

Other reviews:

1. Hungry Ang Mo

  1. Hey Herbivore,

    I was looking forward to the time that you review this place! What did you think of the food overall?

    I am glad to see that the place hasn’t changed much since I was last there. I liked the food from there a lot, and the atmosphere inside the restaurant is also fantastic.

    Good post!

    • Heh an Indian restaurant post always get a comment out of you!

      Place has remained pretty much in tact and not much changes to the menu since your last visit. I highly recommend the one at Tanjung Bungah for atmosphere.

      As for the food…well all I had was the roti paratha which was decent. We’re going back another day for a better review. :)

  2. […] First, a stop for a quick bite at Sri Ananda Bahwan another outlet down the block from Sri Ananda Bahwan (Pure Vegetarian). […]

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