In Macrobiotic on August 29, 2011 at 4:06 pm

They have since moved to a new premise as of March 2012.

Address: 27C Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Penang, Malaysia.
Phone: (04) 226-3650
Business Hours: 8.00am-8.00pm (Closed on Monday)

Idealite is located in the Pulau Tikus neighborhood.  It claims to be the first macrobiotic wellness kitchen in Malaysia.

Food ordered:

1. Jawa spaghetti (vegan when egg is omitted)

2. Lotus leaf rice

3. Steamed buns

4. Black sesame dessert

5. Lemonade

Words to reflect by Master Cheng Yen.



Address: 37 Lengkok Berjaya

10350 Pulau Tikus

Phone: (04) 228 -6650

Website: Idealite

Hours: 11am-8pm


  1. So you are Back; was wondering to Luke where you have been hibernating. Busy with work or biz?

    • hehe a few herbivores were on a zoo exchange program but now we are back, hungrier than ever!

      Sorry for the late reply, it’s a long holiday week in this part of the world. Have a great upcoming weekend!

  2. Any idea When will be the Penang’s International Meatless Day 2011.
    Most probably I will take an AirAsia flight n book at their Tune Hotel,Penang.

    • That’s a good question Stan to which I don’t have the answer. It’s usually in Nov but let me see what I can find out and get back to you?

      Yea come up! It’ll be fun and Tune Hotel is conveniently located. There are a few veg eateries around that area that you might have missed since you were last here.

      Have you tried Herbivore yet? :)

      • Tune Hotels is having a promotion unitl Nov 30.

        I have eaten at the Herbivore’s ‘Parent'[Main] Restaurant[ZEN] which is Japanese Vege and it is very good. Herbivore is both Japanese n Western; hope to eat there one of these days.

        Int’l Meatless Day is organized by the Sadhu Vaswani Penang’s branch. Perhaps you can contact a Mr Pishu who is the Organising Charperson?

  3. Hey again…

    So thanks to your brilliant suggestion, I managed to speak to Mr. Pishu personally. Unfortunately nothing has really materialized for this year’s event, yet. Due to some “technical difficulties” (his explanation) they might replace the food fair with a vegetarian workshop. If the food fair gets the green light, it should be around Nov 13th.

    To be honest that kinda sucks cause I’m usually a pretty loyal goer unless I’m not in the city. Anyway, I got his e-mail for you “penangmeatlessatyahoodotcom”. They don’t have a website and this is the only way to be updated. He has a cell too but I doubt you’ll want to make international phone calls just for this…hehe.

    He did extend the offer of taking you around the city for good veg eats to which you’ve got me as your ambassador in the first place!

    I’m dying to try Zen after reading Luke’s review a while ago. And of course Herbivore. Actually I just want to get myself to Fortune Center and try all the eateries there!

  4. Since the date is ‘not confirmed’ and the Tune Hotel Penang n AirAsia promotion is not that attractive at this moment in time, I will give Penang a miss this year.

    Do consider to visit Thailand’s Chiangmai ‘Royalflora 2011’.
    The last one was held in 2008.

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