An oil painting of Georgetown by Malaysian artist, Loo Hooi Nam

You find yourself on an island with a gastronomical allure of her own. You happen to be a vegetarian/vegan. Would you, then, accept the sentence of cold salads and limp stir-fries while the people around you dined on freshly made, hot-off-the-wok Char Koey Teow and crispy Loh Bak?

The answer?

A resounding NO!

A Herbivore in Penang is a collective effort of a few tummies (herbivores & omnivores) eating at various places, not necessarily just vegetarian restaurants; although, there will be a heavy emphasis on vegetarian restaurants in Penang.

The mission: to prove a herbivore can eat well and good while soaking in all the culture, history and scenery the island has to offer.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Thank you for visiting.

  1. Now I understand. I saw the title Herbivore and was wondering why there were meaty places on the blog too. I love the focus on plants and will check you out next time in Penang for your vege recommendations.:-)

  2. PS… have added you to my blogger roll :-)

  3. Well being true to life, herbivores and omnivores can co-exist peacefully. ;)

    Will add you to ours as well. Very nice to meet you. In case you haven’t heard, you’re yummy! haha

  4. Visiting Penang for few days and found your website. Very helpful and I like your mission! Do you know any hawker center with vegetarian stall? Thanks!

    • To our knowledge, the giant hawker center in Gurney has one vegetarian stall selling assorted food noodles.

      Unfortunately most hawker stalls do not have a stall designated solely for vegetarians though Indian stalls selling non-veg food will have vegetarian options.

  5. Hello Herbivore, am so excited to have found your blog as I arrived in Penang (Batu Ferringhi) just two days ago and – after the worst Indian food experience I’ve had on several continents, at the local night market on my first night here – was just about to resign myself to having to eat at the hotel restaurant for the entire week of my stay. But now there is hope! The thought of not being able to experience the local cuisine of Penang – such a legendary culinary heaven! – was truly depressing. Thank you so much! Am heading into Georgetown today to try some of your recommendations.

    • Hi ArtinHeaven!

      Apologies for the lateness in response. Herbivores, especially ones from Penang abhors bad food! Bad food equates to bad calories as well! A giant waste of time, we say.

      Hope you had a good time and let us know which one did you get a chance to indulge!

      Happy eating. :D

  6. Hi Herbivore, we would like to invite to taste local home-cooked food at newly opened cafe – Lovecipes Cafe. located at 42, rangoon road.
    We wish to cultivate more people consume more veggie instead of meat. Please love our animal and not hurting them. They reserve a right for living.

  7. Hello, are you still around and have you got lost in virtual space? I am the queen of vegan food and love your posts. Cheers!

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