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Nine Emperor Gods Festival

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The Nine Emperor Gods Festival (Chinese: 九皇爺; pinyin: Jiǔhuángyé; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Káu-ông-iâ; Cantonese: Kow Wong Yeh) is a nine-day Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which is observed primarily in Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, and also the Riau Islands.Wikipedia

Here in Penang, the entire island is dotted with makeshift vegetarian stalls with a yellow awning or cloth signifying they serve “pure vegetarian” food adhering to the Taoist rules – no garlic, onion, milk and for some, certain green vegetables. “Clean” utensils are also used during this time. A Herbivore in Penang visited one of the longest makeshift vegetarian stalls here in the island located on Madras Lane.

Food pictures:

1. Curry Chicken Pizza

2. Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

3. Plate lunch with assorted dishes

4. Acar Fish (Nyonya Dish)

5. Perut Ikan (Nyonya Dish)

6. Rojak

7. Coconut Tarts and assorted desserts


Address: Corner of Madras Lane and Burma Road

Hours: Early am till late pm.


Homecoming at Chai Diam Ma & Ch’ng Kian Kiean’s Line Line Journey

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Chai Diam Ma welcomes you home.

Tan Wei Ming of Ownly Penang. His other video exhibition can be found at The Whiteaways Arcade this month.

John Tan | Photography | Untitled – “Is home a place you’re just owning or renting, or a place where you are comfortable to be?”

Carey Ooi | Inner construction between 2.4 and 12 | Installation -I am not a nomad, I am coming home.

Ernest Zacharevic | Cage | Kinetic Installation – “Home life is no more natural to us than a cage is natural to a cockatoo.” – George Bernard Shaw. His mural can also be seen on Armenian street.

Okui LaLa | Duduk | Photography and live installation – “Home is not where you are living right now but somewhere close to your heart” – Max, Australia, Chew Jetty.

The space.

As previously mentioned, a new item on their menu, udon with mushrooms with an interesting twist, slivers of preserved vegetables.

Drinks : Wild Flower Honey & Lemon Lime Tea.

Next stop was Ch’ng Kian Kiean’s fourth solo exhibition this time held at Galeri Seri Mutiara. The artist with Mr. Koay Soo Kau and Dato’ Tay Mo-Leong.


Chai Diam Ma

Address: 15 Queen Street

10200, Penang

Phone: (016) 431- 4452 [Queen Lee]

E-mail: chaidiamma@gmail.com

Facebook : Chai Diam Ma


Mon – Thurs : 11am -2pm

6pm – 9pm

Fri – Sun : 11am – 9pm

Closed on Tuesdays

Previous visit : 06.26.11



Galeri Seri Mutiara

Address: Lot No. 2 & 4, First Floor,
The Whiteaways Arcade,
Church Street, 10200 Penang

Hours: 12noon- 6pm

Scenes from Georgetown Festival (Day 3) & Sri Ananda Bahwan

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The final day of the 3 day event, Tapestry of Cultures but the Georgetown Festival will be on going till the end of the month.

First, a stop for a quick bite at Sri Ananda Bahwan’s main outlet down the block from Sri Ananda Bahwan (Pure Vegetarian).

Food ordered:

1. Roti Paratha

2. Vadai & Curry Puff

First stop, Penangism photo exhibition housed in a majestic building.

Tour group going on a heritage trail walkabout.

Tan Wei Ming’s video exhibition at the Whiteaways Arcade.

Line Line Journey exhibition at Galeri Seri Mutiara.

The Whiteaways Arcade.

One of the pieces from Wayang! exhibition at Gallery 29.

The highlight of today’s event is the highly anticipated 12 Monkeys & more featuring individual performances by Ghaffar Pourazar (Beijing Opera), Jitti Chompee (Thailand) and Zubin Mohamad (Malaysia).

Held at the Botanical Gardens, the open space accompanied by the moonlight and performing arts at its best, Penang shined, showcasing the bright cosmopolitan city she really is.

Our little picnic with food from Evergreen Vegetarian (post coming soon).

Pre-show fun with the kids from the audience and an improv amongst cast mates.

First up, Zubin Mohamed and his musical troop from Kelantan with influences from traditional wayang kulit and Mak Yong (both preserved by UNESCO).

Jitti Chompee’s 18 Monkeys.

And lastly, Ghaffar Pourazar and The Beijing Opera.

Tapestry of Cultures (Day One & Day Two)


Georgetown Festival

WebsiteGeorgetown Festival

Date – Month long celebration in July every year



Sri Ananda Bahwan

Address: 55 Penang Street, Georgetown, Penang

Phone: (04) 264-4204

Website: Sri Ananda Bahwan

Hours: 7am-11pm

Scenes from Georgetown Festival (Day 2) & Nasi Kandar Festival

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Tapestry of Cultures – Day two.

Mural by Ernest Zacharevic.

Teochew Puppet Show at Yeng Keng Hotel.

Nasi Kandar Festival.

Rice with cabbage spiced with turmeric.

Tapestry of Cultures – Day One & Day Three.


Georgetown Festival

WebsiteGeorgetown Festival

Date – Month long celebration in July every year

Scenes from Georgetown Festival 2011 (Day 1) & Water Drop Teahouse| Revisited

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What is Georgetown Festival?

“The George Town Festival is a month-long celebration of the inscription of George Town on the UNESCO World Heritage Listing on 7th July, 2008. Scheduled to be an annual event, the Festival is a feast of theater, music, dance, film, art, opera, food, fashion, photography, and inspirational talks.”Georgetown Festival

This year the Georgetown Festival 2011 kicked off on a bright and beautiful day.

The first 3 days, inner city Georgetown comes bursting alive with many free exhibitions, street performances and open houses. The 3 day event has been named Tapestry of Cultures. The following are exhibitions at the recently restored Whiteaways Arcade.

A break for lunch at Water Drop Teahouse.

Food pictures:

1. Sesame Bao

2. Dan Dan Noodles

3. Wheat grass

4. Soy milk

Next stop are the open houses at St George Church (oldest Angelican church on the island), Penang Supreme Court and Penang Museum (no photography allowed).

As we move towards the evening, almost every street corner in the heritage enclave has street food vendors, bazaars, performances and the finale, a multi-cultural show at Khoo Kongsi.

Tapestry of Cultures – Day Two & Day Three.


Georgetown Festival

WebsiteGeorgetown Festival

Date – Month long celebration in July every year



Water Drop Teahouse

Address: 16 Penang Street,
Georgetown, 10200 Penang



Tue – Fri : 9am – 5pm
Sat – Sun : 9am – 3pm

Closed on Mondays

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