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Goloka vegetarian food stall is in 1998 hawker center, not far from Sunshine Farlim.





Food ordered:

1. Murtabak

2. Mee Medan




Address : 

Jalan Thean Teik, Bandar Baru, Air Itam, Penang

Hours: 5.30pm -12.30am



Kafe Seng|成咖啡店

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A Herbivore in Penang was tipped that O’Chien (Fried Oyster Omelettes) could be found in this nondescript corner house turned into a vegetarian hawker venue but alas they were not available and we had even been on a weekend when it’s supposedly available.

There’s a good 7 to 8 stalls selling different variation of hawker style food done vegetarian ranging from Bak Kut Teh to assorted hot noodle dishes.

Dishes ordered:

1. Chicken Rice

2. ? Noodle Dish

3. Char Koay Teow

4. Popiah


Kafe Seng|成咖啡店

Address: 196-198, Jalan Tembikai, Taman Sri Rambai

Bukit Mertajam, 14000

Hours: 5pm-12am

Closed Fridays

Nine Emperor Gods Festival

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The Nine Emperor Gods Festival (Chinese: 九皇爺; pinyin: Jiǔhuángyé; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Káu-ông-iâ; Cantonese: Kow Wong Yeh) is a nine-day Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which is observed primarily in Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, and also the Riau Islands.Wikipedia

Here in Penang, the entire island is dotted with makeshift vegetarian stalls with a yellow awning or cloth signifying they serve “pure vegetarian” food adhering to the Taoist rules – no garlic, onion, milk and for some, certain green vegetables. “Clean” utensils are also used during this time. A Herbivore in Penang visited one of the longest makeshift vegetarian stalls here in the island located on Madras Lane.

Food pictures:

1. Curry Chicken Pizza

2. Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

3. Plate lunch with assorted dishes

4. Acar Fish (Nyonya Dish)

5. Perut Ikan (Nyonya Dish)

6. Rojak

7. Coconut Tarts and assorted desserts


Address: Corner of Madras Lane and Burma Road

Hours: Early am till late pm.

Ice Kacang at Pesgrave Street

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Pesgrave Street is better known by the locals as ‘Sar Tiau Lor’ or literally translated 3rd street. By night fall the street is packed with people and stalls selling Penang street food. However, only one stall is herbivore friendly and that is the ice kacang stall.


Address: 67A Lebuh Presgrave
10300 Penang

Hours: 5pm till late

Nyonya Kuih – Greenlane

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Good nyonya kuih is getting harder and harder to find. Auntie’s nyonya kuih sells out pretty fast. When we got there around 10am, most kuihs have been sold out. Look for the giant umbrella in front of Shuang Hee Coffee Shop, next to the very popular Genting Coffee Shop.

Some of our favorite kuihs.

Sorry for the lack of names. We  only know them by color or fake names we made up to identify them.


Address: Lorong Delima 3,
Island Glades, Penang

Map: Wikimapia


Tue-Sun: 9am- 11am

Samosas in Little India

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Possibly one of the best samosas in the island

There are a few samosa stalls in Little India. The one frequented by A Herbivore in Penang is at the corner of King St & Market St.

A very friendly Uncle Wahab takes your orders while his two assistant fries up an assortment of Indian snacks. Indian cakes and sweets are available as well. Mostly vegetarian. Samosas are fried in small batches to keep them piping hot and crunchy. Uncle Wahab caters for parties and office events too.


Address : Corner of King St & Market St (Lebuh King & Lebuh Pasar)

Phone : (016)487-5004 (Wahab)

Hours: Afternoons-7pm

Close on the last Tuesday of the month

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Penang Road Famous Cendol

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Penang Road Famous Cendol – Teo Chew Cendol is still the go-to cendol place by the locals and tourist alike. If you’re visiting the island, it’s a must really. Google them and you’ll see the countless reviews.  Due to their popularity, they have expanded their business and there are several locations in the island currently. This is one of their branches located in Sunshine Farlim Shopping Center, Air Itam. Except their other cold desserts, other food items are not vegetarian.

Cendol with red beans, coconut milk and gula melaka.


Penang Road Cendol – Teo Chew Cendol

Address: Lebuh Keng Kwee
Off Penang Road (original)

Komtar Walk (branch)

Prangin Mall (branch)

Sunshine Farlim, Air Itam (branch)

Open daily from : 11am – 7pm (Penang Road)

Branch hours vary upon location

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